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# ellipsyswrapper
`ellipsyswrapper` is a Python wrapper for the 2D and 3D Navier-Stokes flow solvers
EllipSys2D and EllipSys3D.
## License
EllipSys2D and EllipSys3D are a licensed software, and not included in this repository,
and therefore needs to be installed separately.
To gain access to this code contact the main developer Niels N. Sørensen (
## Installation
To install the wrapper simply execute the command:
$ python develop
To test that this module has been installed correctly
run the tests:
$ nosetests .
from the repository root directory, or if you don't have `nose` installed:
$ cd ellipsyswrapper/test
$ python -m unittest discover '.' 'test_*.py'
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