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# MechanicalBrake
Type2dll used by HAWC2
begin dll;
begin type2_dll;
name dtu_we_controller;
filename ./control/dtu_we_controller.dll;
end type2_dll;
begin type2_dll;
name mech_brake;
filename ./mech_brake.dll;
dll_subroutine_init init_mech_brake;
dll_subroutine_update update_mech_brake;
arraysizes_init 100 1;
arraysizes_update 100 100;
begin init;
constant 1 9360000; Fully deployed maximum brake torque [Nm] (0.6*max torque)
constant 2 100; Parameter alpha used in Q = tanh(omega*alpha), typically 1e2/Omega_nom
constant 3 0.5; Delay time for before brake starts to deploy [s]
constant 4 0.6; Time for brake to become fully deployed [s]
end init;
begin output;
general time; Time [s]
constraint bearing1 shaft_rot 1 only 2; Generator LSS speed [rad/s]
dll inpvec 1 25; Command to deploy mechanical disc brake [0,1]
end output;
begin actions;
mbdy moment_int shaft 1 3 shaft towertop 2; Brake LSS torque [Nm]
end actions;
end type2_dll;
end dll;
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