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added descriptions

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......@@ -35,9 +35,9 @@ class SEAMBladeStructure(Component):
sc_frac_flap = Float(iotype='in', desc='spar cap fraction of chord')
sc_frac_edge = Float(iotype='in', desc='spar cap fraction of thickness')
safety_factor_blade = Float(iotype='in', desc='')
stress_limit_extreme_blade = Float(iotype='in', units='MPa', desc='Ultimate strength')
stress_limit_fatigue_blade = Float(iotype='in', units='MPa', desc='Fatigue strength')
safety_factor_blade = Float(iotype='in', desc='Blade loads safety factor')
stress_limit_extreme_blade = Float(iotype='in', units='MPa', desc='Blade ultimate strength')
stress_limit_fatigue_blade = Float(iotype='in', units='MPa', desc='Blade fatigue strength')
AddWeightFactorBlade = Float(iotype='in', desc='Additional weight factor for blade shell')
blade_material_density = Float(iotype='in', units='kg/m**3', desc='Average density of blade materials')
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