Commit 1533e448 authored by Mads M. Pedersen's avatar Mads M. Pedersen
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update pywake aep gradient function name

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......@@ -67,7 +67,10 @@ class PyWakeAEPCostModelComponent(AEPCostModelComponent):
wd=wd, ws=ws)
if grad_method:
dAEPdxy = self.windFarmModel.dAEPdxy(grad_method)
dAEPdxy = self.windFarmModel.aep_gradients(gradient_method=grad_method, wrt_arg='xy')
except Exception: # for backward compatibility
dAEPdxy = self.windFarmModel.dAEPdxy(grad_method)
def daep(**kwargs):
return dAEPdxy(x=kwargs[topfarm.x_key],
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