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"""TOPFARM OpenMDAO Problem.
This module contains the OpenMDAO problem that can be used for
......@@ -487,9 +486,9 @@ class TopFarmProblem(Problem):
return np.array([self[k] for k in [topfarm.x_key, topfarm.y_key]]).T
def smart_start(self, XX, YY, ZZ, radius=None):
assert XX.shape == YY.shape
if len(XX.shape) == 1:
XX, YY = np.meshgrid(XX, YY)
assert XX.shape == YY.shape
ZZ_is_func = hasattr(ZZ, '__call__')
spacing_comp_lst = [c for c in self.model.constraint_components if isinstance(c, SpacingComp)]
if len(spacing_comp_lst) == 1:
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