Final integration

This update contains the a direct integration of the reliability model with the sizing model as a library. So anyone can directly run the sizing model , and it will call the reliability model on necessity. To integrate, I following are considered: -

  1) The sizing model continues its first loop with 100% reliability for all considered components.
  2) Then from the 2nd loop, it cross-checks if the components' quantity in the optimization of the current loop with the number of reliability parameters it has in its environment.
  3) If there are not enough reliability parameters, then it assigns a new max-quantity for those components by considering a lowest possible availability
  4) It calls the reliability model and collects the reliability parameters in return for new max-quantity of those components
  5) Finally, the sizing model resumes the size optimization through the loops

  * The sizing model generally calls the reliability model only in the 2nd loop, but it may call it in other loops if it needs reliability parameters for more assets.
  * As in this implementation, the sizing model loads the initial reliability parameters from the CSV files, so there should be at least 1 asset's reliability parameter of each component are stored in the CSV file for now. Which can be resolve by further improvement.

Thanks all
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