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## Background Information
- CLASSIFICATION: flat(flat landscape), rural(agriculture with some buildings)
- COUNTRY : Sweden
- ALTITUDE : 18 [m]
- POSITION : [55˚ 23' 15.41'' N 13˚ 4'13.12'' E](
(Note: Geohack often includes national high resolution maps, otherwise try Google Earth)
## Short summary
This dataset consists of raw data and 10-minute statistics of wind speed and wind direction measurements from a 120m mast near Maglarp, Sweden. The period includes more than 40 hours of measurements, from 1981.
## Map
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/maglarp/mapquest.gif)
**Map 1:** Location of Maglarp in Sweden
## Photos
![](./ts_wind/maglarp/photo_1.gif) **Photo 01:** Photo towards east, with the mast in the centre
![](./ts_wind/maglarp/photo_2.gif) **Photo 02:** The wind turbine - WTS3
## Drawings
## Reports
## Mast (relative positions with reference to the reference POSITION)
1. 10 [m] (0,0,0)
1. Hamilton Standard WTS3 3 [MW]
## Project description
The project has been initiated as part of a larger measurement program on the WTS-3 wind turbine. The site is located on a low sloping hill in sligthly rolling farm land.
## Measurement system
20 Hz data data are recorded at 2 levels (13 & 84 m) on a 120 m mast during one month. The instrumentation consists only of 3-component hotwires. IMPORTANT sh1,sh2 - derived speeds dh1,dh2 - derived directions.
1. [List of mast signals (time series of wind speed)](./ts_wind/maglarp/ts_mast_signals.csv)
## Nominal values
**Figure n1:** Nominal wind speed
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/maglarp/nom_ti.gif)
**Figure n2:** Nominal turbulence
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/maglarp/nom_dir.gif)
**Figure n3:** Nominal wind direction
## Distributions
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/maglarp/w_dist.gif)
**Figure n4:** Nominal wind speed distribution.
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/maglarp/ti_dist.gif)
**Figure n5:** Nominal turbulence distribution.
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/maglarp/dir_dist.gif)
**Figure n6:** Nominal wind direction distribution.
- INSTITUTION : Dept. of Meteorology, Uppsala University
- ADDRESS : Uppsala University, Box 516 S-751 20 Uppsala, Sweden
- TEL/FAX : +46-18 542792 / +46-18 544 706
- CONTACTS : Mikael Magnusson / Ann-Sofi Smedman
- PERIOD : 1981
- Naming_authority : 'DTU Data'
- DOI : ''
## Public data
1. Run statistics; (NetCDF)
2. Raw time series = (ascii), duration of 600 sec and sampling frequency = 20 Hz.
maglarp,100475,sh1_x,1059,2,shx,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100476,sh1_y,1059,2,shy,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100477,sh1_z,1059,2,shz,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100478,sh1_t,1059,2,sht,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100479,sh1,1059,2,s,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100480,sh2_x,1059,13,shx,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100481,sh2_y,1059,13,shy,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100482,sh2_z,1059,13,shz,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100483,sh2_t,1059,13,sht,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100484,sh2,1059,13,s,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100485,sh3_x,1059,84,shx,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100486,sh3_y,1059,84,shy,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100487,sh3_z,1059,84,shz,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100488,sh3_t,1059,84,sht,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100489,sh3,1059,84,s,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100510,dh3,1059,2,d,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100511,dh1,1059,13,d,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
maglarp,100512,dh2,1059,84,d,1,120 m tower,120,miuu,miuu-hotwire,hotw
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