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## Background Information
- CLASSIFICATION: flat(flat landscape), pastoral(open fields and meadows)
- ALTITUDE : 1850 [m]
- POSITION : [39˚ 54' 42.57'' N 105˚ 13'56.69'' E](
(Note: Geohack often includes national high resolution maps, otherwise try Google Earth)
## Short summary
This dataset consists of raw data from a 240 hours array measurement campaign
## Map
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/nwtc/msmap.gif)
**Map 1:** Map of test field area near Denver, CO, USA
## Drawings
![A map of Denmark]
**Map 3:** Layout of 3 met. masts (10kB)
![](./ts_wind/nwtc/layout.gif) **Drawing 01:** Turbulence Characterization System (TCS) configuration.
![](./ts_wind/nwtc/draw_02.gif) **Drawing 02:** Phase I schematic layout of system components.
![](./ts_wind/nwtc/draw_03.gif) **Drawing 03:** Phase II schematic layout of system components.
## Reports
1. [Young Wind Monitor, speed and direction (pdf; 50 kB)](./ts_wind/nwtc/ws_05101.pdf)
2. [Maximum Wind Generator specifications (pdf; 240 kB)](./ts_wind/nwtc/Maximum_wind.pdf)
3. [NRG Wind Vane specifcations (pdf; 240 kB)](./ts_wind/nwtc/NRG_Vane.pdf)
## Mast (relative positions with reference to the reference POSITION)
1. 61 [m] (0,0,0)
2. 37 [m] (10.5,18.2,0)
3. 37 [m] (-10.5,-18.2,0)
1 NREL ART_600kW 600 [kW] (54.6,-31.5,0)
## Project description
The accurate numerical dynamic simulation of new large-scale wind turbine designs operating over a wide range of inflow environments is critical because it is usually impractical to test prototypes in a variety of locations. Large turbines operate in a region of the atmospheric boundary layer that currently may not be adequately simulated by present turbulence codes.
The objective of this experiment is to obtain simultaneously collected turbulence information from the inflow array and the corresponding structural response of the turbine. The turbulence information will be used for comparison with that predicted by currently available codes and establish any systematic differences. These results will be used to improve the performance of the turbulence simulations. The sensitivities of key elements of the turbine aeroelastic and structural response to a range of turbulence-scaling parameters will be established for comparisons with other turbines and operating environments. In this paper, we present an overview of the experiment, and offer examples of two observed cases of inflow characteristics and turbine response collected under daytime and nighttime conditions, and compare their turbulence properties with predictions.
## Measurement system
The inflow instrumentation was mounted on three towers located 1.5-rotor diameters upstream of the turbine rotor. A total of five high-resolution Kaijo Model DA-600 ultrasonic anemometers/thermometers, which have a 10-Hz data bandwidth and a minimum resolution of 0.005 m/s or less, were deployed. In addition, cup anemometers and wind vanes were installed on the 61-m central tower at three levels, along with air temperature, fastresponse temperature, temperature difference between 3 and 61 m, and dew point temperature sensors. Barometric pressure was measured at a height of 3 m. GPS-based time was recorded to a resolution of 1 millisecond. The raw data was collected at rate of 40 samples per second.
1. [List of mast signals (ts_wind data)](./ts_wind/nwtc/ts_mast_signals.csv)
## Nominal values
**Figure n1:** Nominal wind speed
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/nwtc/mom_ti.gif)
**Figure n2:** Nominal turbulence
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/nwtc/mom_dir.gif)
**Figure n3:** Nominal wind direction
## Distributions
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/nwtc/m_dist.gif)
**Figure n4:** Nominal wind speed distribution.
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/nwtc/ti_dist.gif)
**Figure n5:** Nominal turbulence distribution.
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/nwtc/dir_dist.gif)
**Figure n6:** Nominal wind direction distribution.
## ACKNOWLEDMENTS : Larry : Wendell
- INSTITUTION : National Renewable Energy Laboratory
- ADDRESS : 1617 Cole Blvd, Golden, CO
- TEL/FAX : 303-384-6902
- CONTACTS : Sandy Butterfield & Maureen Hand; NREL
- COLLABS : Batelle, Pacific Northwest Division
- FUND AGENTS : Department of Energy's (DOE) Pacific & Laboratory (PNL).
- PERIOD : 1990 - 1993
- Naming_authority : 'DTU Data'
- DOI : ''
1. [Turbulence_characterization for wind energy development report (18 MB)](./ts_wind/nwtc/turbulence_characterization_for_wind_energy_development.pdf)
## Public data
1. Run statistics; nrel.ts_mc (NetCDF)
2. Raw time series; nrel.ts_mip (zip)
nwtc,300432,c15x,3039,15,sx,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300433,c15y,3039,15,sy,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300434,c15z,3039,15,sz,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300435,c15t,3039,15,st,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300436,c15u,3039,15,su,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300437,c15v,3039,15,sv,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300438,c15w,3039,15,sw,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300439,c15d,3039,15,sd,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300440,c37x,3039,37,sx,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300441,c37y,3039,37,sy,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300442,c37z,3039,37,sz,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300443,c37t,3039,37,st,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300444,c37u,3039,37,su,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300445,c37v,3039,37,sv,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300446,c37w,3039,37,sw,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300447,c37d,3039,37,sd,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300448,c58x,3039,58,sx,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300449,c58y,3039,58,sy,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300450,c58z,3039,58,sz,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300451,c58t,3039,58,st,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300452,c58u,3039,58,su,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300453,c58v,3039,58,sv,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300454,c58w,3039,58,sw,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300455,c58d,3039,58,sd,1,,61,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300456,n37x,3040,37,sx,2,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300457,n37y,3040,37,sy,2,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300458,n37z,3040,37,sz,2,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300459,n37t,3040,37,st,2,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300460,n37u,3040,37,su,2,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300461,n37v,3040,37,sv,2,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300462,n37w,3040,37,sw,2,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300463,n37d,3040,37,sd,2,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300464,s37x,3041,37,sx,3,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300465,s37y,3041,37,sy,3,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300466,s37z,3041,37,sz,3,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300467,s37t,3041,37,st,3,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300468,s37u,3041,37,su,3,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300469,s37v,3041,37,sv,3,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300470,s37w,3041,37,sw,3,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300471,s37d,3041,37,sd,3,,37,kaijo-denki,da-600,sonic,Ultra Sonic 3D anemometer
nwtc,300472,c61s,3039,60.9,s,1,,61,met_one_instruments,ws-201/ss-201-1,cup,Cup anemometer from Met One Instruments Inc.
nwtc,300473,c39s,3039,39,s,1,,61,met_one_instruments,ws-201/ss-201-1,cup,Cup anemometer from Met One Instruments Inc.
nwtc,300474,c03s,3039,3,s,1,,61,met_one_instruments,ws-201/ss-201-1,cup,Cup anemometer from Met One Instruments Inc.
nwtc,300477,c61d,3039,60.9,d,1,,61,met_one_instruments,ws-201/sd-201-1,vane,Vane from Met One Instruments Inc.
nwtc,300478,c39d,3039,39,d,1,,61,met_one_instruments,ws-201/sd-201-1,vane,Vane from Met One Instruments Inc.
nwtc,300479,c03d,3039,3,d,1,,61,met_one_instruments,ws-201/sd-201-1,vane,Vane from Met One Instruments Inc.
nwtc,300481,t03,3039,3,tabs,1,,61,rousemount,pt_100,term,Rosemount Engineering PrecisionThermometer
nwtc,300483,dt_61_3,3039,61,tdif,1,,61,rousemount,pt_100,term,Rosemount Engineering PrecisionThermometer
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