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......@@ -47,7 +47,9 @@ A dual test of two NM900 wind turbines was performed in Tobøl, Denmark, which i
## Measurement system
Two standard, masts have been used for this project together high quality instruments and logggers. Each mast has been equipped with and individuual logger system.
1. [List of mast signals (ts_wind data)](./ts_wind/toboel/ts_mast_signals.csv)
1. [List of mast signals](./ts_wind/toboel/ts_mast_signals.csv)
2. [List of additional signals](./ts_wind/toboel/add_signals.csv) Note: The statistics for these signals are only included in the header of the packed ASCII file.
## Nominal values
toboel,10234,M1_T_49,tabs,57,57,Air temperature; h=57m; mast #1
toboel,10235,Pabs,baro,5,5,Atm.pressure,h=5 m; mast #1
toboel,10236,rain,rain,5,5,Rain status [0-5 V]; mast #1
toboel,10237,Td_49_15,tdif,49,15,Temperature difference, 49-15 m; mast #1
toboel,10231,m2_t32,tabs,32.5,32.5,Air temperature; h=32.5; mast #2
toboel,10232,m2_p32,baro,32.5,32.5,Atm.pressure at mast #2
toboel,10233,rain,rain,5,5,Rain status ON/OFF; mast#2
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