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The dataset are stored together with a description of the measuring site (masts and location) together a short identification of the nearby [disturbing] wind turbines.
# Introduction:
An updated [list of sites](./intro/Site_index.csv) addressed in the first four collections illustrated in Figure 1. This list can be used as a tool to identify data, applicable for your searching before downloading data.
A list of sites [list of sites](./intro/Site_index.csv); which are included the first four collections in Figure 1; documents shortly the measurement setup and instrumentation. This list can be used as a tool to identify applicable measurement data before downloading.
## 1. Time series of turbulence measurements
This collection consists of sites with time series of turbulence measurements or turbulence array measurements. The measurements primarily include wind speed and wind direction signals, secondarily temperatures, barometric pressure and relative humidity.
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