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## Background Information
- SITE : ntk1500borg Enge, Esbjerg (ntk1500)
- CLASSIFICATION: flat(flat landscape), pastoral(open fields and meadows)
- COUNTRY : Denmark
- ALTITUDE : 3 [m]
- POSITION : [55 26' 59.40'' N 8˚ 35'10.8'' E](
(Note: Geohack often includes national high resolution maps, otherwise try Google Earth)
55�24'43'' N 8�35'50'' E (site reference)
## Short summary
The dataset includes time series of wind data from a 60 m mast located next to a 1.5 MW Nordtank wind turbine in Tjæreborg Enge, Esbjerg, DK. The time series represent more than 150 hours from the period Nov 1997 - Feb 1998.
## Map
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/ntk1500/msmap.gif)
**Figure 1:** Geographical location of turbine and met. mast
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/ntk1500/map_1.gif)
**Figure 1:** Map of test site
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/ntk1500/map_2.gif)
**Figure 2:** Detailed location
![Location map for Denmark including the Tjaereborg site.](./ts_wind/ntk1500/map01.gif)
**Figure 2:** Location map for Denmark including the Tjaereborg site.
![Location map for Denmark including the Tjaereborg site.](./ts_wind/ntk1500/MAP02.GIF)
**Figure 3:** Location map for wind turbine and masts at Tjaereborg site.
![Location map for Denmark including the Tjaereborg site.](./ts_wind/ntk1500/layout.gif)
**Figure 4:** Site layout for Tjaereborg site.
## Photos
![](./ts_wind/ntk1500/photo_1.gif) **Photo 01:** From the nacelle towards NNE
![](./ts_wind/ntk1500/photo_2.gif) **Photo 02:** From the nacelle towards ENE
![](./ts_wind/ntk1500/photo_3.gif) **Photo 03:** From the nacelle towards ESE.
![](./ts_wind/ntk1500/photo_4.gif) **Photo 04:** From the nacelle towards SSE.
![](./ts_wind/ntk1500/photo_5.gif) **Photo 05:** From the nacelle towards S.
![](./ts_wind/ntk1500/photo_6.gif) **Photo 06:** From the nacelle towards SSW.
![](./ts_wind/ntk1500/photo_7.gif) **Photo 07:** From the nacelle towards W.
![](./ts_wind/ntk1500/photo_8.gif) **Photo 08:**From the nacelle towards WNW.
![](./ts_wind/ntk1500/photo_9.gif) **Photo 09:** From the nacelle towards N.
![](./ts_wind/ntk1500/photo_10.gif) **Photo 10:** NTK1500, Wind turbine and mast.
## Graphs
## Drawings
![](./ts_wind/ntk1500/layout.gif) **Drawing 01:** Layout of 60 mast.
## Reports
[Technical Description of NTK1500/60-60](./ts_wind/ntk1500/335518.pdf)
1 60 [m] (0,0,0)
1 Nordtank NTK1500 1 [kW] (90,120,3)
## Project description
The aim of the measurement project has been to verify the characteristics of the NEG-Micon NM1500 prototype wind turbine. The terrain around the wind turbine is flat and in the measurement sector there no roughness elements of importance. The terrain south-west of the test site (the measurement sector) is a march area with a roughness length less than 0.1 m out to a distance 3 km in the measurement sector. The wind turbine NTK1500 manufactured by Nordtank A/S are located together with 3 other prototype turbines 2MW owned by Vestkraft, 1.5 MW Vestas and 1.0 MW Bonus. Acknowledgements: Soeren M. Petersen, Risoe National Labotories.
## Measurement system
The height of the meteorological mast is 60m which contains a standard measurement setup necessary for making a standard load measuring program. The instrumentation includes two cup anemometers and one vane together with temperature, pressure and rain detection system. The DAQ recording software has been used for recording and storing time series at a frequency of 40 Hz.
## Time series (Raw)
- [List of mast signals](./ts_wind/ntk1500/ts_mast_signals.csv)
## Nominal values
**Figure n1:** Nominal wind speed
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/ntk1500/nom_ti.gif)
**Figure n2:** Nominal turbulence
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/ntk1500/nom_dir.gif)
**Figure n3:** Nominal wind direction
## Distributions
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/ntk1500/w_dist.gif)
**Figure n4:** Nominal wind speed distribuion.
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/ntk1500/ti_dist.gif)
**Figure n5:** Nominal turbulence distribuion.
![A map of Denmark](./ts_wind/ntk1500/dir_dist.gif)
**Figure n6:** Nominal wind direction distribuion.
# ACKNOWLEDMENTS : Elsamprojekt A/S, DK-7000 Fredericia
- INSTITUTION : Risoe National Laboratories
- ADDRESS : Post box 49, DK4000 Roskilde, Denmark
- TEL/FAX : +45 46775017 / +45 46755619
- CONTACTS : Soren O. Lind / Mike Courtney
- COLLABS : NEG-Micon A/S, Randers
- FUND AGENTS : NEG-Micon A/S, Randers
- PERIOD : 1997-11-19 - 1998-02-10
- Naming_authority : 'DTU Data'
- DOI : ''
1. [An evaluation of measured and predicted loads](./ts_wind/ntk1500/Paper_1.pdf)
## Public data
1. Run statistics (NetCDF)
2. Raw time series = (ascii) each with a duration between 600 sec, sampled with 40 Hz.
ntk1500,100556,ws60,1066,60,s,1,60 m met. mast.,60,risoe,p2445b,cup,
ntk1500,100557,ws57,1066,57,s,1,60 m met. mast.,60,risoe,p2445b,cup,
ntk1500,100558,wd57,1066,57,d,1,60 m met. mast.,60,risoe,p2021c,vane,
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