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......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ NA
2. 37 [m] (10.5,18.2,0)
3. 37 [m] (-10.5,-18.2,0)
1. NREL ART_600kW 600 [kW] (54.6,-31.5,0)
## Project description
......@@ -48,7 +48,9 @@ Verification of the structural integrity of a wind turbine involves analysis of
## Measurement system
The measurements are performed in a wind farm situated at a high wind site in Oak Creek, near Tehachapi in California. The wind farm consists of wind turbines erected on a ridge in a very complex terrain. The prevailing wind direction is 320 degrees and thus perpendicular to the ridge. The turbines are closely spaced - the inter turbine spacing is 53 m, corresponding to approximately 1.2 rotor diameters. The wind turbines are tree bladed NECMicon 650 kW stall regulated turbines with hub heights and rotor diameters equal to 55 m and 44 m, respectively. The wind field is measured from two 80 m heigh meteorological towers erected less than one rotor diameter in front of one of the wind turbines (in the direction of the prevailing wind direction), and the distance between the two meteorological towers is 25.5 m, corresponding to 0.58 rotor diameters. Thus, detailed information of the inflow field to the particular turbine rotor is provided. The layout of the wind farm and the measurement setup is illustrated. The instrumentation of the meterological towers included sensors at multiple levels. Basically, similar instruments on each of the two masts have been installed in roughly the same level relative to the terrain level. The monitoring system is running continously, and the data are reduced and stored as 10-minutes statistics suplemented with intensive time series recordings covering periods where the mean wind speeed exceeds a specified threshold (15 m/s). Consequently, there are time gaps in the the time series. The monitoring sample rate is 32 Hz. Detailed information on the individual sensors is provided from the Master Sensor List. In general, all specified instrument heights are given relative to the base of the relevant meterological tower.
1. [List of mast signals (ts_wind data)](./ts_wind/oakcreek/ts_mast_signals.csv)
1. [List of mast signals ](./ts_wind/oakcreek/ts_mast_signals.csv)
2. [List of additional signals](./ts_wind/oakcreek/add_signals.csv) Note: The statistics for these signals are only included in the header of the packed ASCII file.
## Nominal values
oakcreek,10108,m1_t10,tabs,68.8,0,Pt100 sensor; h=9.5 m; mast 1
oakcreek,10109,m1_tdif,tdif,79,10,Pt500 sensorer; h=9.5 & 68.8 m; mast 1
oakcreek,10110,barometer,baro,5,0,Barometer; h=5 in connection box; mast 2
oakcreek,10111,precip,rain_o,45,0,Rain rain detector; status [V]
oakcreek,10112,t12brake,db_on,45,0,WT12, DiscBarke; status [V]
oakcreek,10113,t14brake,db_on,45,0,WT14, DiscBrake; status [V]
oakcreek,10114,cvuv1,cvuv,80,0,sonic covariance u-v, mast #1; h=80
oakcreek,10115,cvuw1,cvuw,80,0,sonic covariance u-w, mast #1; h=80
oakcreek,10116,cvut1,cvut,80,0,sonic covariance u-t, mast #1; h=80
oakcreek,10117,cvvw1,cvvw,80,0,sonic covariance v-w, mast #1; h=80
oakcreek,10118,cvwt1,cvwt,80,0,sonic covariance w-t, mast #1; h=80
oakcreek,10119,cvvt1,cvvt,80,0,sonic covariance v-t, mast #1; h=80
oakcreek,10120,tilt1,tilt,80,0,sonic anemomenter tilt, mast #1; h=80
oakcreek,10121,teta1,teta,80,0,sonic anemometer coord. rotation about z-axis; mast #1;h=80
oakcreek,10122,ustr1,ustr,80,0,friction velocity u*, mast 1;h=80
oakcreek,10123,cvuv2,cvuv,80,0,sonic covariance u-v, mast #2; h=80
oakcreek,10124,cvuw2,cvuw,80,0,sonic anemomenter tilt, mast #2; h=80
oakcreek,10125,cvut2,cvut,80,0,sonic covariance u-t, mast #2; h=80
oakcreek,10127,cvvw2,cvvw,80,0,sonic covariance v-w, mast #2; h=80
oakcreek,10128,cvwt2,cvwt,80,0,sonic covariance w-t, mast #2; h=80
oakcreek,10129,cvvt2,cvvt,80,0,sonic covariance v-t, mast #2; h=80
oakcreek,10130,tilt2,tilt,80,0,sonic anemomenter tilt, mast #2; h=80
oakcreek,10137,teta2,teta,80,0,sonic anemometer coord. rotation about z-axis; mast #2;h=80
oakcreek,10138,ustr2,ustr,80,0,friction velocity u*; mast 2;h=80
oakcreek,10198,Ri,rich,79,10,Rich.number; h = 79 - 19 m;
oakcreek,11001,ws80m1,s,80,80,Horz. sonic wind speed - M1
oakcreek,11002,wd80m1,d,80,80,Horz. sonic wind direction - M1
oakcreek,11003,ws80m2,s,80,80,Horz. sonic wind speed - M2
oakcreek,11004,wd80m2,d,80,80,Horz. sonic wind direction - M2
oakcreek,30265,stab80_1,MBL,80,80,Monin-B Length, mast 1; h=80m
oakcreek,30266,stab80_2,MBL,80,80,Monin-B Length, mast 1; h=80m
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