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......@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ The measurement system consists of a 30.9m mast with four guy wires. There are t
1. [List of mast signals](./ts_wind/tejona/ts_mast_signals.csv)
2. [List of additional signals](./ts_wind/tejona/add_signals.csv) Note: The statistics for these signals are only included in the header of the packed ASCII file.
## Nominal values
tejona,30242,rr,rain,17.7,17.7,Miery Rain
tejona,30243,pp,baro,1,1,Miery Barometer
tejona,30244,cvuv1,cvuv,30,30,sonic covariance u-v.
tejona,30245,cvuw1,cvuw,30,30,sonic covariance u-w.
tejona,30246,cvvw1,cvvw,30,30,sonic covariance v-w.
tejona,30247,tilt1,tilt,30,30,sonic anemometer tilt
tejona,30248,teta1,teta,30,30,sonic anemometer angle
tejona,30249,ustr1,ustr,30,30,friction velocity u*
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