Commit 9176fc39 authored by kuhan's avatar kuhan
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Lyse update

parent dda477ac
......@@ -5,5 +5,5 @@ lyse,10087,t24,tabs,24,24,Temperature, H= 24 m
lyse,10088,t40,tabs,40,40,Temperature; h= 40 m
lyse,10089,t65,tabs,65,65,Temperature; h= 65 m
lyse,10090,p02,baro,2,2,Pressure; h=2m
lyse,10091,h02,rhum,2,2,Relative humidity, h=2 m
lyse,10091,h02,rhum,2,2,Relative humidity; h=2 m
lyse,30137,dt_65_3,tdif,65,3,Diff. temp, mast 1.; h=65/3m
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