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......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ netpower curve for Tjareborg 2MW wind turbine.
![](./Resource/tjare/draw04.gif) **Drawing 04:** Definition of mounting details.
## Reports
1. [Loads during normal operation mode (3MB)](./Resource/tjare/normal_operation.pdf)
1. [Loads during normal operation mode (3MB)](./Resource/tjare/Normal_operation.pdf)
2. [Final report (20MB)](./Resource/tjare/Final_report.pdf)
3. [Tjaereborg WIND TURBINE (Esbjerg): Geometric and operational data.](./Resource/tjare/VK-184-901130.pdf)
4. [Tjaereborg WIND TURBINE (Esbjerg) Structural dymanics.](./Resource/tjare/VK-186-910411.pdf)
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