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Two standard meteorological masts with a height of 30 m, each equipped with 2 cups and one vane has been used. Signals has been recorded continiuosly with 8 Hz. The stability measurements are recorded on a third mast equipped with Anderaa meteorological instrumentation. Instrumentation and measurement setup has been done in coorperation between Risø National Laboratories and Hurghada Wind Technology Center and the equipment used are identical to standard Risø measurement setup. Monitoring of the measurement program has been done by the staff at the Hurghada Wind Energy Technology Center. Note: Each met. mast has its own measurement computer and it is been necessary to merge all the time series but due to errors in the synchronisation (+/- 60 seconds) some signals appr. 5% are not valid. Acknowledgements: Staff at the Hughhada Wind Energy Technology Center, Hurghada, Egypt.
1. [List of mast signals (ts_wind data)](./ts_wind/hurghada/ts_mast_signals.csv)
2. [List of additional signals](./ts_wind/hurghada/add_signals.csv) Note: The statistics for these signals are only included in the header of the packed ASCII file.
## Nominal values
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