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Commit a5009e0c authored by Frederik Zahle's avatar Frederik Zahle
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added plots

parent 2c452ad4
......@@ -157,8 +157,8 @@ class SEAMBladeStructure(Component):
# Calculating the final thickness for flap and edge direction
tfinal_flap = np.maximum(text_flap, tfat_flap)
tfinal_edge = np.maximum(text_edge, tfat_edge)
self.tfinal_flap = tfat_flap
self.tfinal_edge = tfat_edge
self.tfinal_flap = tfinal_flap
self.tfinal_edge = tfinal_edge
# Calculating different costs and mass
for i in range(0,int(self.Nsections)):
if i>0:
......@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ class SEAMBladeStructure(Component):
print 'volumen', volumen
print 'BladeWeigth', self.BladeWeight
# rotor = self.BladeWeight*self.BladeCostPerMass/1e6 # Meuro
# print 'rotor', rotor
......@@ -225,3 +225,46 @@ class SEAMBladeStructure(Component):
sfat = np.maximum(1.e-6, self.SF_blade*1.e3*Mfat_edge/W/1.e6)
PM = self.Neq/(pow(10, (self.Slim_fat_blade - self.WohlerExpFlap*np.log10(sfat))))
return abs(PM - self.PMtarget) / norm
def plot(self, fig):
function to generate Bokeh plot for web GUI.
Also callable from an ipython notebook
fig: object
Bokeh bokeh.plotting.figure object
fig: object
Bokeh bokeh.plotting.figure object
# formatting
fig.title = 'Power curve'
fig.xaxis[0].axis_label = 'Wind speed [m/s]'
fig.yaxis[0].axis_label = 'Power production [kW]'
# fatigue, ultimate and final thickness line plots
# fig.line(self.r, self.self.text_flap, line_color='orange',
# line_width=3,
# legend='Extreme flap')
# fig.line(self.r, self.text_edge, line_color='green',
# line_width=3,
# legend='Extreme edge')
# fig.line(self.r, self.tfat_flap, line_color='blue',
# line_width=3,
# legend='Fatigue flap')
fig.line(self.r, self.tfinal_flap, line_color='red',
legend='tfinal_flap edge')
fig.line(self.r, self.tfinal_edge, line_color='blue',
return fig
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