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Commit c6192b08 authored by Frederik Zahle's avatar Frederik Zahle
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fixed plot titles

parent d0916c95
......@@ -247,9 +247,9 @@ class SEAMBladeStructure(Component):
# formatting
fig.title = 'Power curve'
fig.xaxis[0].axis_label = 'Wind speed [m/s]'
fig.yaxis[0].axis_label = 'Power production [kW]'
fig.title = 'Blade spar cap thickness'
fig.xaxis[0].axis_label = 'Radius [m]'
fig.yaxis[0].axis_label = 'Spar cap thickness [m]'
# fatigue, ultimate and final thickness line plots
# fig.line(self.r, self.self.text_flap, line_color='orange',
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