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\title{The DTU 10 MW RWT HAWC2 Model}
\title{The DTU 10 MW RWT HAWC Model}
\author{DTU Wind Energy}
% ----------------------------------------------------------------
This repository (``repo'') contains a DLB-ready HAWC2 implementation of the DTU 10 MW Reference Wind Turbine (RWT) \textbf{REF}.
This model is one of the most robust models curated by DTU Wind Energy, and it has been used quite extensively in a wide range of research activities \textbf{REF}.
A description of the original model design can be found in the design report \textbf{REF}.
% dlc table
\caption{List of DLCs for which model has been tested.
A blank ``Notes'' cell indicates that the model has not been tested and/or is not applicable to that DLC.}
Category & \multicolumn{2}{l}{DLC} & Notes \\\hline
\multirow{4}{3cm}{Normal power production} &
1.1/1.2 & NTM & \\
& 1.3 & ETM & \\
& 1.4 & ECD & \\
& 1.5 & EWS & \\\hline
\multirow{5}{3cm}{Power production with fault}
& 2.1 & NTM & \\
& 2.2 & NTM & \\
& 2.3 & EOG & \\
& 2.4 & NTM & \\
& 2.5 & NWP & \\\hline
& 3.1 & NWP & \\
& 3.2 & EOG & \\
& 3.3 & EDC & \\\hline
\multirow{2}{3cm}{Normal shutdown}
& 4.1 & NWP & \\
& 4.2 & EOG & \\\hline
\multirow{1}{3cm}{Emergency stop}
& 5.1 & NTM & \\\hline
\multirow{4}{3cm}{Normal parked}
& 6.1 & EWM & \\
& 6.2 & EWM & \\
& 6.3 & EWM & \\
& 6.4 & NTM & \\\hline
\multirow{1}{3cm}{Parked with fault}
& 7.1 & EWM & \\\hline
\multirow{2}{3cm}{Transport, assembly and maint/repair}
& 8.1 & NTM & \\
& 8.2 & EWM & \\
% ----------------------------------------------------------------
\section{Model history}
\section{Model history and versioning}
The history of the DTU 10~MW is slightly disorganized, primarily due to two different sets of model files being developed in parallel: those hosted on the original RWT repo \textbf{REF} and a separate set of files that privately hosted and released on the HAWC2 website.
The two sets of input files were curated by different groups of researchers, and there was little synchronization between them.
The files hosted in this repository track the files that were distributed on the HAWC2 website.
However, because this repo is now a submodule of the RWT repo, the two modules should be synchronized in the future.
Main contributors larh and anyd up to verion 4.
Then leo bergami in verion 4.
The model was first released as version 1.0, after which subsequent releases incremented by 1 until version 9.0.
The change in versioning pattern from 9.0 to 9.1 is likely because there is zero changes in the text files.
Thus, only the compiled DLLs were updated.
Early changes in the model (version 1.0 through 4.0) seem to have been primarily done by Lars Christian Andersen and Anders Yde of the Loads and Control (LAC) section, as indicated by comments in the htc file.
Other changes by Leondardo Bergami appear in version 4.0.
Further changes were of course made, but it is unclear where the contributions came from.
A log of the changes in the different versions is given in Tables~\ref{tab:version1} and \ref{tab:version2}.
Specific changes can be found by using the \texttt{diff} command in git (from a local clone of the repo) of by comparing branches on GitLab.
% TABLE. Model versions, part 1.
\caption{Summary of model versions (Part 1)}\vspace*{0.1cm}
\caption{Summary of model versions (Part 1)}\vspace*{0.5cm}
Version & Notes/Changes to HAWC2 files &
Notes/Changes to HAWCStab2 files \\\hline
......@@ -66,11 +124,12 @@ Then leo bergami in verion 4.
\item Operation data recalculated for different wind speeds (5 to 25), certain columns removed and renamed.
% TABLE. Model versions, part 2.
\caption{Summary of model versions (Part 2)}\vspace*{0.1cm}
\caption{Summary of model versions (Part 2)}\vspace*{0.5cm}
Version & Notes/Changes to HAWC2 files &
Notes/Changes to HAWCStab2 files \\\hline
......@@ -118,11 +177,47 @@ Then leo bergami in verion 4.
1.0 & & \\
% ----------------------------------------------------------------
\section{Repository structure}
This repo uses a branch structure to track the different model versions.
For example, version 1.0 of the model can be found in branch \texttt{v1.0}.
These branches are locked to prevent unauthorized pushes or merges.
Updates to comments and/or line order are allowed within a released version.
However, any changes to model parameters or outputs are not allowed.
If a user requires changes to a released version, they must do so on a separate branch, and these changes cannot be merged.
Updates to the model itself (e.g., fixing bugs or improving the controller) must be submitted as a merge request on the master branch and then reviewed/accepted by the repo responsible.
This repo contains the source code for this report, some utilities for model generation, and the HAWC2 and HAWCStab2 input files for the model.
The folder structure for the input files is as shown:
* control/ <-- control DLLs go here
* wpdata.100 <-- text files for DTU Basic Controller
* data/ <-- files for bodies and HAWCStab2 operational data
* htc/ <-- HAWC2 files
* <-- turbulent simulation, 24 m/s
* <-- step-wind simulation
* <-- HAWCStab2 file
The turbulent simulation is a ``unique'' file from which the step-wind and HAWCStab2 files are automatically constructed using a Python script in the utilities folder.
The compiled control DLLs are not provided in the repo due to their binary nature.
If you a require a ready-to-run model with all DLLs, please download the zip file from the HAWC2 website.
% ----------------------------------------------------------------
\section{Bugs, model improvements and questions}
If you as a user notice that there is a bug in the model (e.g., a sign error or a parameter that doesn't match the model documentation), then we kindly ask that you notify us by submitting an issue on GitLab.
Navigate to the repo on GitLab, then click on ``Issues'' in the side bar.
The Issue Tracker on GitLab is how we keep track of issues with the model and things that should be fixed for the next model release.
If you have questions about a model that are not answered by this document, then please email \href{}{}.
% ----------------------------------------------------------------
%\section{HAWC2/HAWCStab2 Results}
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