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testing if wetb installed

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......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ make_32bit_zip:
# - c:/Anaconda3/envs/pyHawc2/python -c "import shutil; shutil.copy('./Control-Win32/towerclearance_mblade.dll', './dtu-10mw-rwt/control/towerclearance_mblade.dll')"
# use python's shutil to make the archive
# - c:/Anaconda3/envs/pyHawc2/python -c "import shutil; shutil.make_archive('dtu-10mw-rwt', 'zip', 'dtu-10mw-rwt')"
- c:/Anaconda3/envs/pyHawc2/python -c "from wetb.hawc2 import HTCFile"
- pip install git+
- cd utils
- c:/Anaconda3/envs/pyHawc2/python
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