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remove discon and nrel interface

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......@@ -93,18 +93,15 @@ class ReferenceModel():
# list of needed DLLs
dll_list = [((dll, dll), dll)[isinstance(dll, tuple)] for dll in self.dll_list]
dll_name_lst = [dll for dll, _ in dll_list]
dll_name_list = [dll for dll, _ in dll_list] # names only
# ======= download tower clearance DLL =======
if 'towerclearance_mblade.dll' in dll_name_lst:
if 'towerclearance_mblade.dll' in dll_list:
# ======= download discon DLL =======
if 'DISCON.dll' in dll_name_lst:
if 'DISCON.dll' in dll_name_list:
# ======= get remaining dlls from binary repo =======
......@@ -113,7 +110,8 @@ class ReferenceModel():
# copy dlls to control repo
[shutil.copy('control-win32/' + t[0], control_dir + t[1])
for t in dll_list if t[0] not in ['towerclearance_mblade.dll']]
for t in dll_list if t[0] not in ['towerclearance_mblade.dll', 'DISCON.dll',
# ======= write the git branch and commit to file =======
url, branch, commit, date = get_repo_info()
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