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Updated documentation for RANS

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......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ developed by Jess A. Michelsen at DTU Fluid Mechanics :sup:`[1,2]` and
Niels N. Sørensen in connection with his PhD study :sup:`[3]`. EllipSys3D
is closed source licensed software and it is based on Fortran and MPI.
The RANS wake model uses PyEllipSys, which is a direct memory Python
interface to fortran version of EllipSys3D. This means that it is
interface to the Fortran version of EllipSys3D. This means that it is
possible to import EllipSys3D as a Python object and change flow
variables during a simulation. The wind turbines are represented by
actuator diks (AD) and the inflow is a neutral atmospheric surface layer,
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