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This framework incorporates wind velocity measurements from multiple-point scanning lidars into three-dimensional wind turbulence time series serving as input to wind turbine load simulations. The constrained simulation framework is hereafter denoted as CS.
Step1: Generate output wind field measured by the lidar using VICONDAR (e.g., "uval_av_sens_dist_Sh20_SD01_V06_TI08_s1000_circ7p_vol30.mat")
Step1: Generate lidar-measured wind field using VICONDAR (e.g., "uval_av_sens_dist_Sh20_SD01_V06_TI08_s1000_circ7p_vol30.mat")
Step2: Run the function "", which creates a file (e.g., "cs_seed1000_av_circ7p_vol30") that containes inputs for the CS framework, which are processed from the VICONDAR output's file (e.g., "uval_av_sens_dist_Sh20_SD01_V06_TI08_s1000_circ7p_vol30.mat")
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