Commit f5160f75 authored by ollyl's avatar ollyl

Set autoscale=false in nlsolve to avoid DomainError

parent 3dbcc3d3
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ function refraction_correction(E,h1=1.5,h2=E.z0-h1)
b0 = Δx/sqrt(Δx^2+Δy^2)
Δz2,Δz3 = h1,h2
res = nlsolve((F,x)->f!(F,x,Δx,Δz2,Δz3,E.Ma,Δy),[a0,b0])
res = nlsolve((F,x)->f!(F,x,Δx,Δz2,Δz3,E.Ma,Δy),[a0,b0],autoscale=false)
a,b =
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