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# Purpose of Workshop Series
To promote collaborative work here at DTU Wind Energy through training and
education of researchers in scientific Python and related tools.
# 2017 Workshop Schedule
Please note that this schedule is subject to change.
1. Introduction to Anaconda (Spyder, Jupyter, Anaconda prompt, creating and
working in environments, installing new packages [pip vs conda]) – 27. sep 13:00
2. Getting started with Python (switching from Matlab, most common modules [numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib], PEP8) – 4. okt 10:00
3. Collaborating with Python (basic git, installing a package from GitHub/GitLab, making your own package) – 17. okt 10:00
4. How to speed up your code (Cython and multiprocessing [not mpi – not enough time]) – 2. nov 10:00
5. Test-driven development and documentation (writing and running tests, continuous integration, sphinx) – 16. nov 13:00
6. Python tools/resources here at DTU (Wind Energy Toolbox, HawtOpt2, etc.) – 21. nov 10:00
# Workshop Resources
- [Description of workshop series and schedule](
- [Workshop #1](
- [Workshop #2](
- [Workshop #3](
- [Workshop #4](
- [Workshop #5](
- [Workshop #6](
# Contact
Jenni Rinker
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