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Updating dev instructions (Issue #17)

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.. _overview:
Starting, bugs and developing
PyConTurb can be used in three main ways:
......@@ -45,20 +45,28 @@ an issue using GitLab's
"Feature request" template for features you'd like to see implemented.
Contribution guidelines
Collaborative code development
You are very welcome to implement suggested changes to the code. Collaboration
is encouraged! Here is a quick-start guide to contributing:
PyConTurb is an open-source, community-based project. Therefore, merge requests
with bug fixes or implemented feature requests are welcome! To ensure that
your merge request is reviewed and accepted as quickly as possible, please
be sure to write a test for your bug fix and be sure to adhere to PEP8
conventions. Submitting a merge request from a branch in your own fork of
the repo is preferred, but you may also work in a branch on this repo.
Here is a quick, step-by-step guide for fixing a bug:
#. If the bug is not reported in the `issue tracker <>`_,
#. Make sure your master branch is updated (``git pull origin master``).
#. Switch to your feature branch (``git checkout -b branch_name``).
#. Make your desired changes to the code.
#. Add tests for your code in the relevant ``pyconturb/tests/`` file(s). See
other test files to figure out how to do this.
#. Switch to a new branch (``git checkout -b branch_name``).
#. Write a test for the bug (it should fail) in the relevant
``pyconturb/tests/`` file(s). See other test files to figure out how
to do this.
#. Write code to fix the bug. Be sure to follow PEP8 conventions!
#. Run the tests locally to make sure they all pass (from repo,
``python -m pytest pyconturb/tests``).
#. Add and commit your related files using git if you haven't already.
#. Add and commit your related files using git, if you haven't already.
#. Push your feature branch to GitLab (``git push origin branch_name``).
#. Create a merge request in GitLab from your feature branch and assign to
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