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Commit fa949688 authored by Emmanuel Branlard's avatar Emmanuel Branlard Committed by Jenni Rinker
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Speed up rename in clean_turb

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......@@ -44,13 +44,16 @@ def clean_turb(spat_df, all_spat_df, turb_df, decimals=10):
spat_xyz = spat_xyz.T.loc[~spat_xyz.T.apply(np.round,
# for each column in all_spat_df, find the correct name using spat_df and rename it
for colname in all_spat_df:
col = all_spat_df[colname]
k, x, y, z = col.values
pid = np.all(np.isclose(np.array([x, y, z]), spat_xyz.values.T),
axis=1).argmax() # use np.isclose for float comparisons
new_name = f'{"uvw"[int(k)]}_p{pid}'
turb_df.rename(columns={colname: new_name}, inplace=True)
if colname!=new_name:
turb_df.rename(columns=rename_map, inplace=True)
# order according to spat_df
col_names = []
for colname in spat_df:
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