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Easy ipopt scipy optimize driver

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......@@ -40,7 +40,34 @@ class EasyScipyOptimizeDriver(ScipyOptimizeDriver, EasyDriverBase):
Set to False to prevent printing of Scipy convergence messages
self.options.update({'optimizer': optimizer, 'maxiter': self.max_iter or maxiter, 'tol': tol, 'disp': disp})
if optimizer == 'IPOPT':
from ipopt.ipopt_wrapper import minimize_ipopt
except ImportError:
raise ImportError("""Cannot import ipopt wrapper. Please install cyipopt, e.g. via conda
Windows: conda install -c pycalphad cyipopt
Linux/OSX: conda install -c conda-forge cyipopt
def fmt_option(v):
if isinstance(v, str):
return v.encode()
return v
ipopt_options = {k: fmt_option(v) for k, v in kwargs.items()}
def minimize_ipopt_wrapper(*args, maxiter=200, disp=True, **kwargs):
from ipopt.ipopt_wrapper import minimize_ipopt
ipopt_options.update({'max_iter': maxiter, 'print_level': int(disp)})
return minimize_ipopt(*args, options=ipopt_options, **kwargs)
kwargs = {}
from openmdao.drivers import scipy_optimizer
for lst in [scipy_optimizer._optimizers, scipy_optimizer._gradient_optimizers, scipy_optimizer._bounds_optimizers,
scipy_optimizer._all_optimizers, scipy_optimizer._constraint_optimizers, scipy_optimizer._constraint_grad_optimizers]:
optimizer = minimize_ipopt_wrapper
self.options.update({'optimizer': optimizer, 'maxiter': maxiter, 'tol': tol, 'disp': disp})
if kwargs:
......@@ -73,6 +100,45 @@ class EasyScipyOptimizeDriver(ScipyOptimizeDriver, EasyDriverBase):
def supports_expected_cost(self):
return not (openmdao.__version__ == '2.6.0' and self.options['optimizer'] == 'COBYLA')
def _get_name(self):
"""Override to add str"""
return "ScipyOptimize_" + str(self.options['optimizer'])
class EasyIPOPTScipyOptimizeDriver(EasyScipyOptimizeDriver):
def __init__(self, maxiter=200, tol=1e-8, disp=True,
max_cpu_time=1e6, # : Maximum number of CPU seconds.
# A limit on CPU seconds that Ipopt can use to solve one problem. If
# during the convergence check this limit is exceeded, Ipopt will
# terminate with a corresponding error message. The valid range for this
# real option is 0 < max_cpu_time and its default value is 10+06.
mu_strategy='monotone', # : Update strategy for barrier parameter.
# Determines which barrier parameter update strategy is to be used. The default value for this string option is "monotone".
# Possible values:
# - monotone: use the monotone (Fiacco-McCormick) strategy
# - adaptive: use the adaptive update strategy
acceptable_tol=1e-6, # : "Acceptable" convergence tolerance (relative).
# Determines which (scaled) overall optimality error is considered to be
# "acceptable". There are two levels of termination criteria. If the usual
# "desired" tolerances (see tol, dual_inf_tol etc) are satisfied at an
# iteration, the algorithm immediately terminates with a success message.
# On the other hand, if the algorithm encounters "acceptable_iter" many
# iterations in a row that are considered "acceptable", it will terminate
# before the desired convergence tolerance is met. This is useful in cases
# where the algorithm might not be able to achieve the "desired" level of
# accuracy. The valid range for this real option is 0 < acceptable_tol and
# its default value is 10-06.
# All options ( can be specified via kwargs
# The argument type must be correct (str, float or int)
EasyScipyOptimizeDriver.__init__(self, optimizer='IPOPT', maxiter=maxiter, tol=tol, disp=disp,
** kwargs)
class PyOptSparseMissingDriver(object):
......@@ -2,11 +2,12 @@ import pytest
import numpy as np
from topfarm.cost_models.dummy import DummyCost
from topfarm.cost_models.dummy import DummyCost, DummyCostPlotComp
from topfarm.drivers.random_search_driver import RandomizeTurbinePosition_Circle, RandomizeTurbinePosition_Square,\
RandomizeTurbineTypeAndPosition, RandomizeTurbinePosition_Normal,\
RandomizeAllUniform, RandomizeAllRelativeMaxStep, RandomizeNUniform
from topfarm.easy_drivers import EasyScipyOptimizeDriver, EasySimpleGADriver, EasyRandomSearchDriver, EasyPyOptSparseSNOPT, EasyPyOptSparseIPOPT
from topfarm.easy_drivers import EasyScipyOptimizeDriver, EasySimpleGADriver, EasyRandomSearchDriver, EasyPyOptSparseSNOPT, EasyPyOptSparseIPOPT,\
from topfarm.plotting import NoPlot
from topfarm.tests import uta, npt
from topfarm.constraint_components.spacing import SpacingConstraint
......@@ -67,6 +68,12 @@ def topfarm_generator():
return _topfarm_obj
easyIPOPTScipyOptimizeDriver = EasyIPOPTScipyOptimizeDriver(maxiter=1000)
except ImportError:
easyIPOPTScipyOptimizeDriver = None
@pytest.mark.parametrize('driver,tol', [
(EasyScipyOptimizeDriver(disp=False), 1e-4),
(EasyScipyOptimizeDriver(tol=1e-3, disp=False), 1e-2),
......@@ -75,10 +82,12 @@ def topfarm_generator():
(EasySimpleGADriver(max_gen=10, pop_size=100, bits={'x': [12] * 3, 'y':[12] * 3}, random_state=1), 1e-1),
(EasyPyOptSparseIPOPT(), 1e-4),
(EasyPyOptSparseSNOPT(), 1e-4),
(easyIPOPTScipyOptimizeDriver, 1e-4)
def test_optimizers(driver, tol, topfarm_generator_scalable):
if driver.__class__.__name__ == "PyOptSparseMissingDriver":
if driver is None or driver.__class__.__name__ == "PyOptSparseMissingDriver":
pytest.xfail("Driver missing")
tf = topfarm_generator_scalable(driver)
cost, _, recorder = tf.optimize({'x': [6., 6., 1.], 'y': [-.01, -8., 1.]})
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