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dev-guide: updated conda install instructions, add run test section

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......@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ is a gui integrated into the windows explorer.
## Install Python
For all platforms we recommend that you download and install the Anaconda -
a professional grade, full blown scientific Python distribution.
......@@ -157,8 +158,7 @@ Install the necessary Python dependencies using the conda package manager:
>> conda install setuptools_scm future h5py pytables pytest pytest-cov nose sphinx blosc pbr paramiko
>> conda install scipy pandas matplotlib cython xlrd coverage xlwt openpyxl psutil pandoc
>> conda install -c conda-forge pyscaffold pypandoc sshtunnel --no-deps
>> conda install --channel twine --no-deps
>> conda install -c conda-forge pyscaffold sshtunnel twine pypandoc --no-deps
Note that ```--no-deps``` avoids that newer packages from the channel
......@@ -167,6 +167,11 @@ channel. Depending on which packages get overwritten, this might brake your
Anaconda root environment. As such, using ```--no-deps``` should be
used for safety (especially when operating from the root environment).
Note that:
- With Python 2.7, blosc fails to install.
- With Python 3.6, twine, pypandoc fails to install.
## Get wetb
......@@ -195,6 +200,34 @@ above for the ```conda-forge``` channel: it is to avoid that pip will replace
newer packages compared to the ones as available in the ```Anaconda``` channel.
## Run tests
Note that the test should be executed from a clean repository and which is not
used as a development installation with ```pip install -e .```. For example,
create a clone of your local git repository in which your development takes
place, but name the top level folder to something else:
>> git clone WindEnergyToolbox/ wetb_tests
>> cd wetb_tests
In order to make sure your git repository is clean, this will remove all
untracked files, and undo all untracked changes. WARNING: you will loose all
untracked files and changes!!
>> git clean -df & git checkout .
Now we have clean repository that is not used as a development installation
directory, and we simply track our own local development git repository.
Use ```git pull``` to get the latest local commits.
>> python -m pytest --cov=wetb
## Contributions
If you make a change in the toolbox, that others can benefit from please make a merge request.
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